What you believe… Become!

Self-Help Book

What you believe… Becomes! Makes us aware of the power we all have to change our lives.To be able to understand our successes and our failures, without looking outside ourselves to find who is to blame, is simpler than we think, and is the goal of this book.Jack (the man who has everything, and who is on the verge of losing everything) with the help of Bruno (the itinerant who seems to know a lot more than he seems) as well as several others, will discover what he no longer understands. One after another, each person will help him little by little to find meaning in life.
A story that may resemble your own; though told in a a different way, from a different situation or from a different point of view, it might not be too different from yours.We can all change and become what we want if we get to know ourselves enough.
This novel brings us, slowly, towards the discovery which is simply… ourselves.

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